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Welcome to the Lounge 8/26

What is this place?

Welcome to the information/help portion of Urbanity! This area of the site will be delegated for help and promotion of user activities. Please do not call it a forum! I've been trying to get away from that title, it's too heavy . Consider this space a place to ask for help on games and events, report site errors, give suggestions and promote tradepost/wishlists. Not too heavy right?

Signing Up

Originally, I wanted this to be SSO ready but the plugin hasn't come out yet. Also, many users might not want to sign up, since this is a mini TCG. To remedy this problem, I've decide to let users post just with their name (TCG username, please). You do not have to register just to comment. In the event that you would like to register, you can do so here. To combat spam, we have a captcha in place.

What can be posted?

Really anything pertaining to the topic. All of the topics are pretty straight forward, so just stay within those concepts.