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Re: Site Errors & Suggestions- 2016
— by Wing Wing
Things I came across:

- On War Deluxe, I got this as the text log.
"21 Blackjack: lounge07, quebec11Insert not possible!"
The card images appeared fine, but I'm not sure what was meant to be on the end of quebec11. It's also meant to be War Deluxe!

- Singapore's deck is spelled wrong on the card and in the deck list! It's currently spelled SIGnapore. The file name is fine though~

- For Dueling Dance Rivals, I got this
"Vote: hongkong09, applepie01, roadsigns01, random-"
so I think the random coupon text is cut off from the text log, since it's appeared as random-coupon in every other game.

- I also got "Insert not possible!" on Card Claim. My name and the cards I've claimed appear in the log when I clicked back (the cards themselves are also still on the page), but I was never sent to a rewards page or anything for the game.

- The html for the members page is wonky for me? I can't see more than 11 members and the last one is oddly cut off, and the footer is strangely spaced out (where the tcg exchanges are).

That's it for now, I think ^^